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DWI was established in 2009 and involved in coaching and training specifically on People Development in Malaysia. For the 1st four years (2010 – 2014) DWI focus their activities in three major areas; Agriculture, e-Commerce and Skill Development which was mainly conducted through seminars and classrooms.

Since 2015, DWI offer wider coverage on Human Resource, such as consulting, advisor and outsourcing focusing on the SMEs, and our consultant has been consulted by SME clients to review and audit their HR Operational processes and procedures. 

In 2021, DWI begun our journey into Finance, and now, in 2023, we have expanded our focus to include Corporate Governance as our areas of expertise, recognizing the importance of effective management and ethical decision-making in the success of some companies. 

DWI’s team has 36 years hands on combined practical experience in People Management & Finance in various industries i.e. manufacturing, insurance, banking, retail and corporate. As such DWI qualified to design owned modules to accommodate SME that unfamiliar with Human Development.

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Faridah Rahman

About Us 1

FARIDAH RAHMAN also known as FAR RAHMAN aspires to provide solutions to SME owners to ensure the HR department could be managing efficiently and sustainably. She has 20 years of working experience of which 10 years in Finance, 10 years was directly involved in Human Development and since 2014 as consultant. Far Rahman has shared her experience and exposure through the following channels:

Faridah continued her studies at University Malaya in Human Resource Management, advanced her discipline in MBA at University Malaysia Pahang , a certified HRDF Trainer and a certified Master Trainer. Far Rahman is also a Certified Vocational Training Officer under JPK Ministry of Human Resources and extend her profession as a Business Coach. She was a senior management level based in Kuala Lumpur for a multinational company Fortune Global 500 incorporated in Taiwan.

“One of the best feelings in the world is to coach others on what you’ve learned and experienced. Not only will it affect the person you’re imparting, but also they in turn will train others. ” – Faridah #gurufarrahman.

Far Rahman leads her workshop and private coaching session with personal touch and passion which helps to accelerate learning and achieve the desired objectives. Participants have described her session as transparent, sincere and simplified in implementing the roles.

Fared Ismail

About Us 2

Fared Ismail graduated in Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours Degree from University Utara Malaysia, and a Diploma holder in Computer Engineering.

Started his journey as Assistant Manager, Human Resource and Account for over 14 years experience with DWI Kualiti, handling outsource project basis and currently after school program for Islamic institutions. Among his major contributions during early MCO due to Covid-19, he innovated Rookoon Game, a grass-roots innovation as an initiative to start up Klinik Zakat community.

The meetup with Sahibus Samahah was his life changer. He believes a way to control risk starts from a continuous learning process, discipline and mindfulness. He also believes business owners who plan to invest in human skills are investors, entrepreneurs who develop leaders are protecting their present also future values and managers who support human development programs are worth an asset.

Fared is responsible and competent to provide consulting services to SME Business owners and, he is the FOUNDER for Dwi’s  Zakat Rookoon Game Board

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