Farida Rahman

About Far Rahman 1

FARIDAH RAHMAN also known as GURU FAR RAHMAN has 25 years of working experience of which 15 years was directly involved in Human Development and 5 years as consultant. Farida has shared her experience and exposure through the following channels:

  • Training, Workshop and Seminar
  • Private Coaching
  • Employee Handbook & SOP 
  • Outsource Payroll Management

Faridah continued her studies at University Malaya in Human Resource Management, a certified HRDF Trainer and a certified Master Trainer for GLC programs in FELCRA, MAWIPKL, MAWIP LABUAN and KEMENTERIAN LUAR BANDAR & WILAYAH (KKLW) as well as in the Private sector. Farida is also a Certified Vocational Training Officer under JPK Ministry of Human Resources. Previously, she was a senior manager based in Kuala Lumpur for a multinational company Fortune Global 500 incorporated in Taiwan.

“One of the best feelings in the world is to coach others on what you’ve learned and experienced. Not only will it affect the person you’re imparting, but also they in turn will train others. Never let it rest till the Good is better and the Better is Best.” – Far Rahman.

Faridah leads her workshop and private coaching session with personal touch and passion which helps to accelerate learning and achieve the desired objectives. Participants have described her session as transparent, sincere and simplified in implementing the role.

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