Intermediate to Power plan

Our Intermediate to Power Plan duration is two (2) month programs. But it is up to you if you could complete it in six (6) weeks is better.

Intermediate to Power

  • 2.1 Strategy Your Manpower Planning & Budget
  • 2.2 My Policy

Strategy Your Manpower Plan


DWI guides and assists the client on the importance of employee turnover. This is one of the most crucial calculations that Human Resources Management is tasked to do.

Manpower Budgeting

DWI guides and provides the client the formula on the manpower budget plan. It helps organization understand their cost and staffing needs for preparation yearly budgeting for Human Resource Management.

my policy


DWI design and provides the client to have their policy in place. The purpose of a clear concise employee handbook in a business cannot be underestimated. A definite employee policy can resolve disputes before they arise and protect both the employer and the employee from any sort of misperception and the potential of litigation.

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